An honest wood cutter and the beautiful fairy

An honest wood cutter and the beautiful fairy

Once there lived a poor woodcutter. He used to cut trees in the woods. One day while he was cutting wood on the bank of a river. His axe fell down into the river. The river was deep. He could not take his axe out. He sat on the bank and began to weep. Then a wonderful thing happened. Mercury, the god of water appeared before the woodcutter. In a sweet voice she asked the reason of his weeping. The woodcutter told the whole story sorrowfully. Then Mercury dived into the water and brought an axe made of gold. She asked him if it was his axe. The wood cutter saw the axe and replied negatively that was not his axe. So, Mercury again dived and brought a silver axe. The woodcutter did not take it either. Then she brought an iron axe that was the lost axe. The woodcutter then said happily that it was his axe. Then the fairy became very pleased at him and she rewarded the woodcutter with the other two axes. Then the woodcutter became rich and began to live happily.



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