An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

Mazhar”s Technical Suggestion/An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

English 1st paper (JSC)

For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage
Unit 1: *****L-2(B), ****L-5(B), ***L-3(B)+4(A), L-1(B). UNIT-2:L-(A) Unit 3: ***L -1(B) ,****L-3(A),L-6(B), *L-8(B) Unit 5: ****L-3(B),***L-4(A), ** *L-5(A),L-1(A), L-2(A), L-6(B), L-7(B) Unit 6: ***L- 1(B), **L-2(B), L-3(B), L-4(A), L-5(B), L-(C), L-7(B), L-8(B), L-9(B+C+F). Unit 7: ***L-4(B), ***L-1(B), L-2(A+B), *** L-3(B). Unit 8: ***L -5(B),L-1(B), L-2(B), L-3(B). Unit 9: *L-4(B), L-4(B), L-5(B), L-6(B)

For question No 4 and 5 : Unseen passage (marks 10) : All board questions (2014-2017 )
For question 6 : all board question (2014-2017 )
For question no 7: all board question (2014-2017 )
For question no 8: all board question (2014-2017 )
For question no 9: all board question (2014-2017 )

Section B : Writing Test

Dialogue : **1. A dialogue on the importance of learning english. *****2. A dialogue on the importance of reading newspaper/benifits of reading newspaper. ****3. Preparation for exam.***4. importance/benifit of physical exercise. *5. Importance of tree plantation ****6. A dialogue between a doctor and patient. *7. You and a seller about buying a book. ***8. Two friends/father and sons choice of career/aim in life. ***9. Two friends about load shedding. ***11. Two friends on benifits of early rising. 12. How to open a bank account. 13. customer and sales man in a shop . 14. Your plan after j.s.c exam/your plan to spend the summer vacation after exam. **16. adverse effect of illiteracy and to eradicate/way of removing illiteracy . 14. about air pollution/water/deforestation. **15. About your hobby .** 16.about how to make a good result .**17.about the dangers of smoking . 18. On an exciting football match of fifa world cup -2014. **19. About gardening . ** 20. About the merits and demerits of using mobile phone . **20.about gardening 21. About importance of punctuality in life .

****1. Traffic Jam. ****2. Load shedding ****3. A rainy day. ***4. A winter morning. ***5. A school Magazine. *****6. Your school library ****7. A tea stall *8. A Book Fair ***9. A moonlit Night. ***10. National flag. ***11. Early rising. *12. good food. *13. Hygiene *12. Nakshi Kantha. *13. River gypsies in Bangladesh. *14. Folk song *15. Using dictionary. *16. Physical exercise. ***17. tree plantation. 18. A railway station/bus stand. ** *19.A street accident ***20.a village fair ***21.The importance of learning English 22. A street hawker

Completing story:
**1. The lion and mouse *2. The fox without tail *3. Unity is strength ***4. Slow and steady wins the race. **5. Two friends and a bear ***6. A liar cowboy or a liar shepherd. **7. Robert bruce and spider. ***8. A greedy farmer. **9. Bayazid and his mother ***10. Two rats and a monkey. ****11. The thirsty crow.
***12. Grapes are sour. 13. A wood cutter. **14. A hare and tortoise. 15. A beggar /The return of a freedom fighter . 16.determination of a poor boy. 17. Arefin’s kindness . 18. Experience of storm in river . 19.Sheikh saadi 20. The town of Hamelin

*****1. To your friend congratulate him on his brilliant result/success. ***2. to friend thanking him for the birth day gift/present. *3. to friend describing your school/native country/homeland ***4. About the importance of reading newspaper *****5. Describing a picnic/a study tour/ your village/your favourite game /sports day of your school/the natural beauty of Bangladesh . **6. About the annual prize giving ceremony. ***7. About your aim in life. ***8. About how to improve english/describing the importance of learning english. *10. About a street accident that you have witnessed. ***11. Inviting to join a picnic. ***12. Describing the importance of physical exercise. ****13. preparation for j.s.c exam ****14. to friend thanking him for hospitality. **15. About your hostel life **16.describing your plan on how to spend the summer vacation . ***17. Describing what you intend to do after j.s.c exam . *18.advising your brother to be sincere and attentive to his studies . *19. Advising your brother how to do well in English 20.How you spent summer vacation.21. How have you arranged your birthday party .

English 2nd paper(JSC)

For question no 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 , see all board question (2014-2017)

Application/email :

*1. For a transfer certificate. *2. seeking admission *3. Full free studentship/half holiday/to witness a cricket match. *4. Permission to witness the football match. *5. For providing morning more facilities for reading newspapers and playing indoor games in the common room of your school. *****6. To h/m praying for setting a canteen/language club/common room/debating club/english speaking club/a drama stage. . ***7. for re-admission. *****8. For a seat in the hostel. ****9. seeking permission to go on a picnic./study tour. *10. for leave of absence ***11. Application to the UNO/TNO/DC to construct a bridge/a culvurt/a damaged road/sinking tube well/relief for the flood affected people. 12. To h/m for morning school . and Practice English 1st papers emails . 13. To purchase more books for the school library .
N.B: English 1st paper letter/email revise

Short composition:

***1. Wonders of modern science. *2. Tree plantation *****3. Your aim in life / Discipline/ value of time/ Physical exercise/ newspaper, *****4. Journey by Train/bus/boat/Plane ***5. The rainy season/ The season I like most. *6. Computer/Television ****7. Student life ****8. Your favourite game. ****9. Your favourite hobby.***10. Your daily life. 11. A village fair/market

Mazharul Islam , B.A(Hons in English), M.A(English), Ict (NU)


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    Class 8 narration roles . please send me.

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    write a dialogue between you and your friend stranger giving direction of a nearby hotel

  1. sir you have dialogue preparation for the hsc examination ?

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