An email on thanking for nice birthday gift

Write an email to your friend thanking him for his nice birthday gift.

From   :

To        :

Sent     : Sunday, 17 August 2014, 11.00 am.

Subject: Thanking for nice birthday gift

Dear Sonia,

My heartiest love to you at first. It would be a great pleasure if you had joined my  birthday party. I know you could not attend due to your illness, but the beautiful watch that you sent me on my birthday party gladdened me most. I have had many presents on that day. But of all the presents, yours is the loveliest. It was very nice of you to have remembered me on my birthday. I thank you heartily for sending me such an attractive present.

We are all keeping well. Please convey my best regards to your parents and love to you. Hoping you to be hale and hearty.


Your loving friend


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