An email about describing the co-curricular activities


Write an email to your pen friend describing the co-curricular activities.

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Sent     : Sunday, 17 August 2014, 11.00 am.

Subject: About co-curricular activities.

Dear Maria

I received your email yesterday. In your email, you wanted to know about the co-curricular activities of our school. You know that our school is a renowned school in Bangladesh. Besides academic education, most of the co-curricular activities like football, cricket, music, drama, dance, reciting are available in our school. If a student wants to make him skilled on any particular item, he can easily achieve this quality. By this time, many of our students have achieved skills on playing cricket, football, music, dance and drama and their name and fame have already been spread all over the world. We are proud of co-curricular activities in our school. I like to know yours. Please write to me.


Wishing you best of luck.



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