An Application For a Canteen in the School Campus

Application for a canteen in the school campus.

21 August 2017

The Headmaster

Cambrian School & College


Subject: Application for opening a canteen in the school campus.


We the students of your school like to draw your kind attention that we have to attend school at 8 am and have to stay up to 4 pm. At noon we become very tired and hungry. We need refreshments at noon. But it is as matter of great regret that there is no canteen in our school campus.  It is very difficult for us to go out for taking lunch. Moreover, the food supplied by road side restaurants is very often dirty and unhygienic. So we badly feel in need of a canteen in the school campus.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to open a canteen in the school campus as soon as possible.

We remain,


Yours obediently,

The students of your school.

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  1. aro ekto shoeg hoito jodi

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