Advantages of 3G

 3G internet has not only made your mobile handset better equipped but your PC or laptop also. 3G Data Cards or 3G USB Modems have been launched by most of the leading Internet Service Providers. You just need to plug in your 3G modem into the USB slot, and access internet on your computer at lightning speed. 

Advantages of 3G

  3G technology is basically all about speed and high data transfer rate. All the things that you could earlier do on your internet enabled phone, you can do all those now at a faster speed. For instance, you can download songs, movie trailers, sound clips and even complete movies into your phone in a minute! What took 2 hrs earlier, the same will now execute in a matter of a few minutes. which is far better than the 2G technology, particularly in data communication.

   You can conduct video-conferencing, and also you can see the person to whom you are talking when you make calls, provided the other person also is using a 3g enabled device. This is in contrast to conventional voice calls where you are restricted to hearing only the voice of the person at the other end.

  You can use map and positioning services (GPS). The 3G enabled handset can determine its current location on the inbuilt map, and can give you directions to go to a certain place from its present location. It can even give you driving directions.

  If you are a fan of computer games then 3G is the perfect solution for you. By virtue of the 3G internet technology you can play multiplayer games with co-players across the globe, right on your cell phone.

  By virtue of 3G Internet, you no longer need to wait to go to the cinema or even get into your drawing room to watch on the television the latest movie released. You can watch it right in your phone while sitting in your car or during break-time at office. Also, you can very comfortably catch up with your favorite TV shows no matter day or afternoon.

 The customer will get wireless broadband.

To have a 3G enabled phone is like carrying the world in your pocket. So when you decide to upgrade your cell phone, make sure that you buy a 3G enabled phone. It will cost a little more no doubt, but it will not take it long for you to realize that it is indeed worth your money.

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