A Visit to a Historical Place

          A Visit to a Historical Place

No knowledge is complete without practical experience. So visiting different places plays an important role in acquiring first-hand knowledge of the past and about how our ancestors lived and what they had left behind for us. “Know thyself” was the motto of Socrates. But it is not possible without knowledge. So visiting historic places is essential to acquire knowledge of one’s heritage, identity, culture and creed.

Luckily, last year I had an opportunity to visit Murshidabad, the seat of Nawab Ali Bardi Khan and NawabSirajuddowlah. One day my father said that he was going to India on some business purpose. He said that if I accompanied him he would take me to Murshidabad which was once the centre of Muslim rule in India.

Once Murshidabad was the centre of the Muslim rule and now it is in ruins. The Bhagirathi flows singing the lullabies with the rippling waves. On one bank stands the city bearing the memory of 1757 when the sun of freedom went down for one hundred and ninety years. On the other bank are the tombs of the Nawabs. The old monuments stand with dignity bearing silent evidences of a past history mixed with glory and gloom, bloodshed and tears.

The ‘Motijheel’, ‘Hirajheel’ and the ‘Hazar-Duari’ are the main attractions of this place. The palace ‘Hazar-Duari’ is so named because it has one thousand doors. The relics of the Nawab period are still preserved there. The swords, the throne, beds, utensils and so on used by NawabSirajuddowlah and Ali Bardi Khan and others have been kept there. The tombs of Sirajuddowlah and Ali Bardi Khan at Khoshbag remind us of the treachery of Mirjafar.

The visit to this place of historical interest has opened a vast horizon before my eyes. The experience also made me keen on our history. It seems that I can see the battlefield of Palassey, the glorious rule of the Nawabs and their tragic fall. It is a remarkable and striking experience indeed.

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