A Village Market


A Village Market

A village market is a place where the villagers meet, buy and sell their daily goods. It is a temporary center for buying and selling goods for the villagers. Generally, it sits every morning and breaks at noon. Again, village market may be either daily or weekly and the big markets sit once or twice a week. 

A village market generally stands at an open place and the place has road-links with the main road. So that it is easy for the businessmen to carry their goods for selling at this place and the village people can easily come for buying and selling things. A village market is also seen at the junction of roads or by the side of a river or a canal. Large banyan trees are let grown to give shade and shelter.

There are two kinds of village market. They are the daily market and the weekly market. The daily market is called “Bazar”. It sits in the morning and breaks up before noon. Besides, it also sits in the afternoon and breaks up late at night. The weekly market is called “Hat”. It sits once or twice a week and breaks up late in the evening.
A village market has three parts like open space, temporary shad and permanent shed. In the open space the sellers sit in rows. Fish, milk, fruits, betel, leaves, vegetables etc. are sold in the open space. People buy their daily necessaries from here. Oil, rice, salt, pepper, etc. are sold in the temporary shops. Domestic materials, utensils, bangles, cloths and stationery are sold in different stalls .which stand in a special row.

The village market is very useful to the villagers. Here they get their daily necessary things which are fresh and preservative free. It saves the villagers from going to distant places for buying things. It is the meeting place of the villagers. The villagers find a social and friendly life here.

A village market has some demerits too. It is a noisy and an unhealthy place. A village market is not also free from defects. There is no fixed price in the market. A customer may be cheated at any time. Pick-pickets and gamblers come up and do their evils. Sometimes, the shopkeepers are also oppressed by the local criminals.

A village market is a part and parcel of our rural economy and it does a great service to the rural people. We should keep it neat and clean. As it is the backbone of the rural economy, our government should take proper steps against price-hiking, pick-pockets, gamblers and other criminals.


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