A Paragraph about A Village Doctor

A village doctor is a familiar figure in the village. Almost all the people of the village know him. He may be quack. However he is kind and sympathetic by nature. He is very active. His knowledge of medicine is very little. He has to lead a busy life. He rises early and takes a little breakfast and attends to the patients till the noon. He has a small dispensary. His stock of medicine is very small. His dispensary is very ordinary.Most of his patients are old man,woman and children of the village. He has a chair to sit on and a table before. He goes a long distance on foot or by bicycle to attend to a patient at any time of the day and night. Generally  the village doctor does not take any fee from the patient. He also helps the poor people with free medical advice and medicine. After all a village doctor is very useful and important person of the village.

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