A Story about Snow White and the Greedy Queen

       Snow White and the Greedy Queen

Snow White was the daughter of a king. She lost her mother at the time of her birth and her father married a lady who was the most beautiful woman in the land. One day, the King left his land to fight against a great evil but he never returned. So, the Queen ruled the kingdom and she kept Snow White with her in

the palace. Snow White had also the eye-catching beauty and it made the queen jealous. So, one day the queen ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White without any consideration. But the huntsman had a soft corner for the Snow White. He, instead of killing Snow White, left her in the forest. While she was running in the forest out of fear, seven dwarfs came across her. They took her to their house and brought her up. One day a prince was passing the forest. As soon as he saw her, he fell in love with her. Next he married her and took her to his kingdom. The queen heard the message and went to the prince’s palace to kill Snow White. As soon as she arrived to the palace, the prince’s guard seized her. They took her to the prince. Seeing her, the prince became very excited. He ordered the people to punish her but Snow White was very kind hearted. So, she forgave the queen. From that day, the queen became grateful to Snow White and forgot all her jealousy.