A short composition on Newspaper

Newspaper is a paper which carries news to us. It is a great wonder of modern civilization. It gives us news of both home and abroad.  It is very important for a nation. We can not think of modern life without the newspaper. It is a store house of knowledge.                                                          

The history of newspaper is very common. The newspaper was first published in china. In England it was first published during the reign of queen Elizabeth. In our subcontinent “The India Gazzette” was the first published newspaper. The first Bengali newspaper was “Samachar Darpan”.                                              

There are various kinds of newspaper. They are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. In Bangladesh we have a large number of English and Bangla newspapers. They are The daily star, The independent, the observer, the ittafaq, the prothom alo, the amar desh, the sangbad and so on.                      

Newspaper is very useful to us. We find all kinds of news and views in it. We get world news, our country news, market news, trade news, tender news etc by a newspaper. Newspaper gives us both pleasure and knowledge. It helps to grow the public opinion.                                                              

Newspaper are also not free from dark side. Sometimes they publish false news. Yet modern life is not possible  without newspaper.                                                          

In conclusion we can say that newspaper is very important to us.It brings the world nearer to us day by day. It is the mirror of the present world. So we should read newspaper everyday.

[by mazhar 01740163613.Dedicated to mahinur monika] 


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