A Short Composition on My Native Village

     The name of my village is Rasulpur. It is a large and famous village. It is about two miles long and one mile wide. It is in the district of Mymensingh under Gafargaon Upazila. It is the biggest village of our upazila. It is an ideal village. It is not far from thana.       

     Our village is densely populated.
There are eight thousand people  in the village. Most of the people of the village are Muslims and others are Hindus. They are very simple and honest. They live here in peace. They help one another. They shares other’s sorrows and sufferings. About 8o%  people of the village are farmers. There are also teachers, traders, service holders etc.

   There are a high school, two primary school, a madrasa, a post office and four mosques in our village. Village boys and girls receive their education in these school. Boys and girls from other villages come to receive education. There is a post office and bank in the village. There is also a market in the village. The daily market sits everyday and the hat sits twice in a week. People  buy their daily necessaries from the market. There is also a charitable dispensary in the village.                                             

     The communication system of the village is very good and easy.  A pacca road connects through the village to upazilla. People can go to the thana by vans, rickshaws etc. A good road connects from our village to railway station.

   The village is neat and clean. There is a small health center.  Villagers get medical care here. There is an MBBS. There are also some quacks. The natural beauty of the village is very attractive. The climate of the village is good for health. My village is an ideal village. I love my village. I am proud of it.

(mazhar 01740163613.Dedicated to mahinur monika)


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