A short composition on ‘Digital Bangladesh’

Digital Bangladesh

At present ‘Digital Bangladesh ‘ is the most commonly used words in politics ,media,among the intellectual and the civil societies of Bangladesh . It is a new concept and new dream. The elections manifesto of 2008 of Awami League promises that our country will be developed into Digital Bangladesh by 2021 through information technology in order to established good governance .

Modern age is the age of science and technology (ICT) . It has brought a revolutionary changes in the life of the people of the present world . To keep space with the modern world we have to use information technology in all spheres of life. For this reason, Bangladesh should be digitalized . Digital Bangladesh means a technology based country where all information will be available online and where all possible activities of the garments and other non government organization will be performed by means of technology .

Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population . She is burdened with many problems like over population , poverty , unemployment , food shortage , corruption , power crisis , natural calamities , lack of natural resources etc. All these factors are barriers to make Bangladesh a digital one we have to remove all these problems and obstacles to establish technology based e-governance ,e-education,e-commerce , e-production ,e-agriculture , etc.
To make Bangladesh into a digital country , we can apply digital system in the following sector :
Election : There is lack of morality in most of our people . People have no faith in the leaders . So to ensure free and fair election , it is necessary to introduce e-voting and setting up CCTV camera in the vote centre .
Education is the backbone of nation . No nation can prosper without education . Our leaders can get quality education if digital system in introduced in the field of education . Multi-media class is greatly helpful to the students . If teachers lectures are displayed on the screens , students can easily follow them by listening to the lecture and watching on screen .
Medical : Medical facility is one of the basic needs of human beings . If digital system is applied in the field of medical , patients can make appointments to see the doctor . Even they can pay feees through online and can get medical prescription without appearing before the doctor.
Agriculture : Bangladesh is an agricultural country . More than eighty percent people are farmers. They fully depends on agriculture for their livelihood . Even they supply food for the entire population of our country . If digital system is applied in the field of agricultural , our farmers will be able to grow more food and will get proper value of their products.

Digital Bangladesh will ensure the overall development of the country and the nations . It will prevent all types of corruptions and crimes . It will also save people’s time and money .

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