A Short Composition about Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

   Bangladesh is a land of natural calamities. Flood, cyclone, drought, famine destroy the life and property every year. People live here fighting against the frequent natural calamities.

   Of all these natural calamities, flood devastates our country every year. Every year during the rainy season, many parts of the country are submerged. It is almost an annual affair. Floods in our country are caused for many reasons. Among them heavy rainfall during the rainy season is the main cause of flood. It causes sudden increase of water in the rivers and canals which overflow their banks and cause flood. Sometimes violent cyclones, tidal bores, tsunami and melting of snow on mountains cause devastating floods.

    Flood lasting long time is a curse to the people of our country as it causes huge loss of life and property. It brings catastrophic sufferings to the people of the country. The crop fields, houses, roads and streets go under water. Crops and vegetables are damaged and millions of people become homeless. They face the scarcity of food, drinkable water, shelter and suffer much. Epidemic and famine break out to add to the misery and suffering of the flood affected people. Various types of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid break out.

    Cyclone is another natural calamity in our country. It revolves violently round a center  During the last few years, several devastating cyclones hit Bangladesh and caused immense harm to the people. This weather condition is a curse, especially to the people of coastal areas of Bangladesh. Cyclones in Bangladesh usually originate from the Bay of Bengal and blows to the land. It is often associated with thunders and heavy showers. It takes away the lives of many people and animals. Dwelling houses are blown away. Cyclones also create the scarcity of food and spread different kinds of diseases like dysentery, cholera, fever etc. in all the affected areas.

   However, the losses of cyclones can be reduced to some extent by using modern technology of weather forecasting and prior warning. And flood can also be prevented by building of embankments and barrages and by developing a well-planned irrigation system. The river beds should be dredged for carrying more water by the rivers. An efficient measure should also be taken to mitigate the sufferings of the flood victims.

   In fine, it can be said that natural calamities for a poor country like Bangladesh are destructive. So, steps should be taken to prevent their destructive effect for the greater interest of the country.

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