A Short Composition about Jute


                Jute is a kind of fiber which is obtained from the bark of a plant called jute plants. It grows from six to twelve feet high and it is our main cash crop.

          Jute grows Low and plain land. Bangladesh is the store-house of jute. In our country it grows well in the districts of Mymensingh, Faridpur Pabna, Bogura, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Comilla, etc. Jute is also grown in India, Thailand and china. About 8o% jute of the world grows in Bangladesh.

          Farmers plough and manure in their land well. Then they sow seeds in March or April. Jute plants grow within a week. Plants become mature in four or five months.

        Jute plants are cut down in July and august. Then they are kept under water to rot. After a few days, fiber is taken from their sticks. Next they are washed in clean water and dried up in the sun. Thus jute becomes ready to sale.

        Jute is very useful to us. Different types of mats, ropes, painters, brush, false hair and great variety of our domestic use are made from jute. The sticks are used as fuel. We use the tender leaves of jute plant as vegetables.

 Jute plays an important role in our economy. It earns a lot of foreign exchange. So it is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh.