A School Library


A School Library

A library is a place where books are kept for reading. A school library is a library set up in the school compound mainly for the benefit of the students. A school library is a part of a school. Our school library is situated in the first floor of our school building. Our school library is furnished with some tables, chairs, almirahs, desks and bookshelves. There are also two air conditioners in our school library. We have a rich collection of books. There are more than five thousand books in our school library. Books of almost all branches of knowledge are available here. The books are kept in different shelves according to subjects. In the library, there is a librarian. He helps the students finding books. There are two rooms in our library. In one room, there is a sitting arrangement. The students sit there and get absorbed in books. A pin-drop of silence exists at that time. There are ten computers in our school library with internet connection. The students can connect with recently published books through internet. Students can borrow books from the library for a certain period. They are greatly benefited by the library. They can enrich their knowledge by reading books in the library. We are very proud of our school library.

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