A Proposal to Develop Classroom Environment in a College

A proposal to develop classroom environment



I am writing to propose a solution to a problem in my classroom. The problem is that the environment of my classroom is not good enough for both of the students and the teachers. I recommend you that you order new desks, chairs, lighting, projector and AC. I hope that you will approve this proposal and get the objects ordered this week. Ordering the instruments will increase my students’ concentration, skill and improve their grades.

The problem with present classroom

Everyday I take my classes with the students of class xi and xii. There are 60-70 students in each of my classes. The class rooms are very small and there is not enough chairs and benches for the students.  We do not have a good environment to continue our classes. The class rooms, that we are using for continuing our study, are very dirty and full of noise. Similarly, the chairs are very old and there is not enough lighting system in the class. Again we have no projector in our class. There is no physical classroom arrangement of desks and chairs, lighting as well as the psychological and social dimensions.

A Solution to the Problem

The purchase of new benches, lights, projector will benefit all of my students. We can set up enough lights that will enlighten the class rooms and we can collect new individual chairs for each students. It will increase the sincerity and curiosity of the students.

Similarly, we can change the class rooms and select larger class rooms. The environment of the classrooms is full of noise because there is not enough thai glasses in the windows. So, the excessive noise of the heavy vehicles always appears in the class. It hampers the concentration of the students as well as the teachers. There is no alternative system of electricity. So it becomes very difficult to run the class rooms when electricity has gone. The rooms become very dark and students cannot read out their study properly. In summer, it becomes more horrible for both of the teachers and the students because it is very hot in the classes and so the use of air-condition can remove the problem of excessive hot. Projector is another important part of our classroom environment. I have worked at other two colleges that used the projector in their class rooms. The teachers at both of these colleges agree that using projector in the class room is very helpful for the students. It helps them to understand all the topics practically. It is very up-to-date and also challenging. This is an excellent choice for both the teachers and the students. The wonderful part is that the student can update their basic skill. When they will create slides and show them in the class and describe them from their own style, it will help them to be more confident and practical. As a result, they may do well in the job market when they will face any interview.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I think it would be a great benefit to our college for you to approve this proposal and order new desks, chairs, lighting, projector and AC for my class rooms. The students of our college will highly be benefited and the class room environment will help them to be practical, skilled and highly qualified. It will also support them to be more attentive in their studies and make a good result in the exam. Similarly, it will be a part of making a good career in the future.