A Pragraph about Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

  Physical exercise means the regular movement of our limbs. The proverb goes, “Health is the root of all happiness.” So to be happy one should take physical exercise regularly. There are different kinds of physical exercise such as walking, running, cycling, etc. Walking and swimming are the best kind of physical exercises which are helpful for the people of all ages. Physical exercise makes our muscles strong and stout. It helps us in digesting food, in free circulation of blood and keeps our mind fresh. Physical exercise should be taken at proper time and at proper places. We should take physical exercise in an open field early in the morning or in the afternoon. As health is wealth, we should take physical exercise regularly to keep this wealth good. It should also be remembered that too much physical exercise is harmful to health. Needless to say that over-exercise can deform and fracture different organs of our body.

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