A paragraph on water pollution

Water can be polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers in their fields to get better crops. Again they use insecticides that damage crops. These elements are washed away into rivers,canals and ponds. They get mix with water and pollute it. Sometimes Mills and factories pollute water by throwing their waste materials into the rivers and canals and ponds . Steamers, motor, launches and even sail boats can pollute water by throwing oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers and canals.
Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the bank of rivers and canals also pollute water. The kutcha drains running into the rivers and canals cause water pollution. Clean water is safe for us and polluted water is harmful for us. We should prevent water pollution in order to keep good health.

[by mazhar 1740163613.Dedicated to mahinur monika]

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