A Paragraph on Pastimes


    The activities we do regularly for pleasure rather than work are called pastimes. Pastimes provide us with the opportunities of rest and recreation. In Indian sub-continent, people of both villages and cities have their own pastimes. Usually village people spend their pastimes by chatting and by doing various sociology-cultural activities. Some village children and boys play different kinds of rural games like ‘Ha-du-du’, boat racing, kiting, fishing, searching for birds and nests on trees. Some of them play football, cricket, badminton, volley-ball and so on.  The village women and girls usually stay at home and spend their pastimes by gossiping, sewing and embroidering. The people in towns are generally educated and they spend their pastime reading newspapers, magazines, novels and other literary works. They also participate in the discussions on political issues at tea stalls. The younger generation in cities is very much fond of playing cricket, operating computer, driving motor-bike, cycling and reading books. The women in towns are fond of watching drama and films on television and listening music. In fact, common pastime for all walks of people in villages and towns is watching television.



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    • Irfan Ferdush Alif on May 27, 2019 at 3:01 am

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    • ranime on October 6, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Answer: Pastime is leisure time pursuits. In order to maintain a balance between the body and mind, and to keep them fit for work, the pastime is necessary for all. The common leisure pursuits of the young and old people of Bangladesh include taking part in games and sports, rowing boats, swimming, visiting different places, enjoying cinemas and watching TV programmes. The leisure pursuits of the old are morning walk, visiting neighbors’ house and watching TV. The Chinese spend their pastimes visiting parks and enjoying acrobatic performances. Baseball, golf and martial arts such as judo and karate are especially popular pastimes with men in Japan. In Canada skiing, fishing, boating, swimming, hunting, hiking, camping, and bird-watching are popular pastimes. Traveling, dancing in the clubs, long drive, hiking, walking visiting families, friends and relatives are the common pastimes in Germany. However, watching TV is the most common pastime all over the world. My favorite pastime is reading novels. The novels of Humayun Ahmed attract me most.

    • M ROFIQ on November 9, 2019 at 11:04 am

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