A Paragraph on Milk

Milk is a liquid  food. It is nutrious. It is white in colour. It is liked by all. We get milk from our domestic animals such as  cows, goats, sheep etc.  Milk is a very good food for the babies. It is good for sound health. Milk has all the elements of a good food. Different kinds of sweets are made from milk. We get ghee  butter, cheese, curd etc from milk. Milk is a tasteful and ideal food. we use milk to make popular drink tea.Milk increases the taste of tea. Milk is a popular drink. It keeps fresh our brain. It is an ideal food for the babies and patients.  we  boil milk and then we  drink it. We get vitamins from milk. It plays an important role in our diet everyday.  Milk is called an ideal food.

[by mazhar 01740163613.Dedicated to mahinur monika]

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