A Paragraph on How to Become a Good Student

       How to Become a Good Student

A student, who is regular in his study, performs his daily activity properly and moral in character, is considered as a good student. Generally, a good student has some good characteristics which help him to do well in the exam, get favour of others and be a social worker. So, to be a good student, a learner has to follow all the characteristics of a good student. First of all, he should go to school regularly, do his homework carefully, sit in the first bench, and participate in all co-curricular activities as well as social activities. Secondly, he is to be serious in his study and take any note which his teachers give in the class room. He should keep a good performance in the family, class and society regularly. Similarly, he should be very co-operative with his class mates, friends and all other people around him. When a student does not understand any topic, he should make it clear to the student. Finally, he should be a strong personality, moral, well-behaved and good character person. Besides reading text books, he should read other reference books as well as novel, poem, history books to keep him updated. He can also do many social works. By following all of them, a student can be a good student.

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