A Paragraph on Foreign Trip

Foreign Trip

Traveling is always the main source of gathering practical knowledge and experience from the nature, society, culture, country and so on. Generally, everybody likes to gather experience from a very young age.

Normally, we can learn about the cultures, languages, food and sights of other places by watching television, reading newspaper, communicating with the people of different countries and the knowledge is not enough about that country or culture. Making a foreign tour and visiting other countries, we can learn many things practically. A foreign tour is always interesting and people make it for different purposes. Some make the tour for business purposes, some go on holiday, and students also travel to study and receive higher degrees. Others travel to educate themselves, learn more about the country they are visiting, places of interest, like art and history, and experience their culture. Foreign travel contributes to a person’s education. People acquire information and increase their knowledge. They also learn a new language. It is important to value other nation’s culture, experience actual the way they live, cook and do things in everyday life. This fosters understanding and bridges the gap between nations. Foreign traveling can be made by the means of many transports. But a journey by plane is the most fascinating of them and indeed it is always a very interesting and exciting journey.



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