A Paragraph about Tribal Life

                     Tribal Life

     The inhabitants of the Hill Tracts are mostly known as tribal. Generally, the life of the tribal people is extremely fascinating. Majority of them are Buddhists and the rest are Hindus, Christians and Animists. There are about 58 tribes living in different parts of the country. Most of the tribal people speak in Tibeto-Burman tongues. Maximum of the tribal families are matriarchal. The women-folk are harder worker than the male and they are the main productive force of their family. The tribal people are extremely self-reliant, they grow their own food, their girls weave their own clothes and they live a simple life. Each tribe has its own dialect, distinct dress and rites and rituals. Some of them take pride in hunting with bows and arrows. Tribal women are very skillful in making beautiful handicrafts. Most of the Tribal people are generally peace loving, honest and hospitable. They usually greet a tourist with a smile. The rich tribal life of Bangladesh is situated in the far southeastern corner of Bangladesh. Generally, Chittagong hill tracts are well-known places for the tribal life where over than 13 indigenous groups forming a bright cultural landscape and over a half a million indigenous people of 14 unique tribes live here. The traditional lifestyle of tribal people is still preserved – tribal kings, village headmen and a self-sustaining, natural lifestyle. They lead their life by cultivating crops.  



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