A Paragraph about The Life of a Garment Worker

The Life of a Garment Worker 

A garment worker passes a very busy day. She has no time to stand and stare. The amount of money she earns a day enables her only to keep her body and soul together. A garment worker has to get up early in the morning because she must arrive at the factory in time. After having her breakfast she sets out for her factory where she works. Often she goes to the factory on foot. Before 8 am she has to enter her

workplace. She takes her lunch in the factory. The factory authority does not provide lunch to the garment workers. So she has to bring her lunch with her form outside or the house she lives in. It is very unfair that a garment worker has often no fixed hours of working. She has to work from 8 to 12 hours during her working day. It is a matter of regret that a garment worker does not get due salary. Her monthly income is 800-1200 taka. It is very low to lead her life. But she contributes much to our economy. The garment sector earns a lot of foreign currency. Her working place is unhealthy. In most garment factories, the working conditions, safely standards and general treatment of workers are quite dissatisfactory. She face physical and mental abuses at her workplace and everywhere. She is a centre of vulgar joke and slang on the streets. Her workmates are equally abusive and never produce a good word for her. A garment worker does not have unlimited exception. She wants to maintain herself and her family, bring up her children and give some education to the. Finally we cannot but respect a garment worker who serves her country with low salary. Her living standard should be improved and this can be done easily with bit sympathy of the authority.