A Paragraph about the Importance of Games and Sports

Importance of Games and Sports

     Sports are good physical exercise and nobody can keep a good health without it. That is why sports are necessary. Among various types of sports, out-door sports like cricket and football are very popular. Nowadays these have become very popular form of entertainment. Generally sports require quick movement of the limbs. This helps blood circulation and makes the body strong as well as healthy. Similarly sports have certain rules which the participants have to obey. Thus through games and sports people learn discipline which is very important in practical life and they are also beneficial in different ways. I am a student and I like to take part in sports. Games and sports teach us to accept both defeat and victory in mind. Similarly, they give us much opportunity to meet with many people. On the other hand, the sports venue becomes a meeting place of people from different countries. So, when people of different nations get together on the occasion of an international sporting event, they come closer to each other, sharing views, opinions and friendship. Therefore, we learn to socialize and strengthen international brotherhood through games and sports.      


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