A Paragraph about Sound Pollution

                                                Sound Pollution

Modern life is plagued with various forms of pollution. Sound pollution is now very acute in towns and cities. Industrial belts are most exposed to sound pollution. When sound exceeds 45 decibels, it is more than the limit of tolerance and is known as sound pollution. Sound pollution is very injurious to health. The increasing use of machines in everyday life is the primary source of sound. Thousands of buses, trucks, cars etc. create intolerable noise to our ears. Most city dwellers are exposed to sound created by mills and factories. Besides, indiscriminate use of loud speakers, use of hydraulic horns by the motorists, the mikes used in market places and public meetings create sound and pollute the environment. Excessive noise may lead to deafness and an increase in high pressure. Thus, sound pollution can do irreversible damage to mental and physical health of a person. To minimize sound and air pollution unfit vehicles must be banned. Again, the use of hydraulic horns in vehicles can be banned. Mills and factories can be shifted to residential areas. However, proper legislation and public co-operation can minimize noise pollution.