A Paragraph about Self Employment

Self Employment

   Self-employment means to create job opportunity for oneself by one’s own effort. Today the most vicious problem that Bangladesh is facing is unemployment problem. As Bangladesh is densely populated country the government can not provide the young population with employment opportunity for everyone. This unemployment is a curse. It weakens the body and mind of our young generation. Frustration leads them to drug addiction and various crimes. But we should change our notion of secure and comfort able job in an office or bank because there are more people in our country than jobs. So, educated youth should not depend on the government to provide them with jobs. Self employment is the possible solution to this problem. The youths should not remain idle after completing their studies. They should remember that self help is the best help. They can easily engage themselves in various sectors of self employment. Agricultural farming, poultry raising, fish cultivation, livestock rearing are some of the sectors. The government and different NGOs are working relentlessly for providing the youths with training in various vocational activities. They also provides the youths with loans on easy terms to start these jobs of self employment. So, we ourselves should seek self employment because a self employed man is not unemployed anymore rather he can provide other people with jobs. 


    • Sahariar on May 1, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    Ami govt. City college, ctg r hsc 1st year r student. Final exam r jonno self employment suggestion deowa hoyechilo. Kintu kono boye pai nay. But net e search diye apnar website e pelam. Thanks a lot.

    • Hasan on January 1, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    It’s helpful

    1. Thank you….

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