A Paragraph about Poverty


Generally poverty indicates the situation in which man cannot enjoy the basic needs of life. It is a great issue, not only in the country Bangladesh, but also in many countries around. Everyday thousands of people are finding themselves well below the poverty line. Many people are starving to death and many people are not even having a place to rest their heads each night. It is a social curse and a source of many social evils. Similarly, it is a shame on the society. The impact of poverty is also reflected in the housing standards. One of the main causes for poverty is over-population. The population is increasing rapidly but the resources are not enough to cope up with it. Again, most of the people of our country are very poor. They live below the poverty line. They lead very miserable life due to poverty. However, this poverty can be lessened to some extent. Our lands should be cultivated scientifically. Scientific method and modern farming should be introduced. The high birth rate should be controlled. More employment opportunities should be created. Some other actions may be created to remove poverty. These are animal husbandry, crop diversification, fisheries, poultry rising, horticulture, dairy farming etc. Finally, over population should be stooped. To stop poverty government should take necessary steps against it and we should be conscious about poverty.