A Paragraph about Our National Flag

Our National Flag

A national flag is the symbol of independence and sovereignty of a country. Bangladesh is an independent country and like every sovereign state she also has a national flag. We emerged as an independent nation in the world map in 1971. That year we fought a glorious war against Pakistan and liberated our motherland. Thus we won a national flag of our own at the cost of blood of our valiant freedom fighters. Our national

flag is rectangular in shape. It may be of big, small or medium size. But its length and breadth must be 10:6 in proportion. The color of our national flag is deep green. It has a red circular in the middle. The green color of the flag implies everlasting freshness, youth, vigor and vitality of our nation. Our national flag is our invaluable possession. It is the holiest object of our pride and glory. We must keep it above all political, religious or ideological controversies. It is our sacred duty to uphold the dignity of our national flag even at the cost of our lives.