A Paragraph about My Liking and Disliking

                        My Liking and Disliking

We all differ in many ways. Out of them all, one major area is on account of our likes and dislikes. The difference exists owing to our family background, company of friends and climatic conditions. Our likes and dislikes, however, give us an understanding into our inner self. Like all others, I too have a few likes and dislikes. 

My first importance in my liking is cleanliness, which I consider next only to God. I also love those whose heart is clean, though their tongue might be bitter. I worship beauty in any form. To me beautiful things are those which we never get tired of by seeing. When I look at an elephant, it fills me with ecstasy. Similarly, when I observe an ant and its work, I am filled with praise and admiration for it. I also like nature very much. This gives me great consolation. I feel great pain to see that in his mad pursuit for material possession, man has forgotten all about the real joy that comes from Nature. I like small children, hopping and jumping like free birds. Their faces are smooth and glossy. Their small fingers and toes win my admiration. Their sweet company makes me forget all my woes. On the other hand, I abhor a chain smoker. I don’t like flattery because flatterers are too dangerous to mix with. They can never be our true companions and friends. Lastly, I dislike false intellectual. Because it reminds me of the famous quote that: ‘Empty vessels sound much.’