A Paragraph about My Brother

                          My Brother

          My brother is a little boy. His is younger to me. He is only five years. He is a very naughty. His name is Raja most of the time he is busy playing with his toys. When he is angry, he makes a lot of noise. Sometimes he also breaks many things. My mother never beats him. This year he has been admitted in a school. He goes to school in uniform in a school bus. He is in KG. Raja is the darling of all of us. My father loves him deeply. He buys costly toys and gifts for him. He is very fond of sweets, toffees and chocolates. His birthday party is an event for our family. Many of our relations and friends are invited on that day. I like and love him so deeply as to see him always happy and smiling at any cost. In the evening I join to play with him and I also tell him short stories. He likes the stories of fairies, birds and animals, etc. He likes the stories of kings and princes the most. He has very sharp memory and he never forgets a story that he likes. Sometimes he asks simple innocent questions which for us are difficult to answer. We hope he turns out to be a brilliant student. We always pray for his health and happiness.

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