A Paragraph about Making Friendship

                            The Art of Making Friends/ Making Friends 

The process of making a friend is a very unique one. It depends on the person. Generally, everyone is trying to become friend with others. Making friendship depends on one’s gender and age but most importantly it depends on one’s personality. Naturally, every individual is different and how they make friends differs just as greatly. The way I make friends depends heavily on my personality. As an introverted person, I tend to first meet with possible friends through what I call forced association. After the initial meeting, I calculate them and determine whether or not I think they should be my friend. Bonding, specifically male bonding follows and acceptance is the final stage. Before I can investigate into the sometimes mysterious process of becoming friends with someone, I have to tell some personal information. I am a great believer in personality typing: the theory that a great majority of people fall into one personality type or another. It is to say that I am very introverted. This does not mean I am anti-social, it merely means that new and non-routine communication with others duties my energy. The process of making a new friend may be different from others.