A Paragraph about Living Alone

                                               Living Alone


Living alone has both advantages and disadvantages that we should consider with care. We will compare it in some fields such as freedom, security and study. First of all, people living alone can enjoy much freedom than those living with their family. As being alone, we can do whatever we want without thinking too much about our parents’ permission. For example, we can absolutely go out overnight and enjoy our pleasant time with our companions. That seems to be tough if we are living with family. Our parents could be really anxious if they know that.  Secondly, our family obviously ensures the necessary security that is really important in life. Living alone means we have to deal with all troubles ourselves such as robbing or even murdering. Moreover, after a long and exhausted day of working, one comes back home and sleeps like a log. Next day, we recognize we lose all most everything in our department because of forgetting locking the door. How horrible it is! However, it perhaps never happens if we are living with our family. Our parents are actually going to do it. Lastly, it could be easy for you to concentrate on our lessons if we are at home. Let’s imagine that you are disturbing by a group of friends while focusing on our studies at our own department. It takes a lot of time for us to have a talk with them. Then we have to spend hours on concentrating again. Your consequence of learning will descend gradually. In conclusion, living alone or living with family always has both the pros and cons. However, we need to distinguish which one satisfies us most in certain periods of time. The most important thing is that we feel comfortable whether living alone or living with family.


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