A Paragraph about How to Use a Dictionary

How to Use a Dictionary

     Using a dictionary is not a hard task for anybody if he or she knows the letters of the language and knows the arrangement of the letters that are used in the dictionary. Generally, a dictionary is designed alphabetically. The first letter of a language comes in the beginning of the dictionary. Then they are maintained in an organized way in order to arranging these words correctly. The page starts with a single letter A or B or …. Then the words are written one after another like in the alphabet. The main words are designed in bold. The pronunciations are mentioned in the bracket with the symbols of the language. Gradually the meanings of the words are written with their different uses by making sentences. Sometimes the antonyms and the synonyms are given. Different parts of speeches are also mentioned for better understanding. So, if anybody wants to use a dictionary he has to know the letters of the language and their sequences. Finding out the meaning of a word, he has to search the first letter of the word and then he can add the second letter with the first letter. He should not search the whole words. Only he should search the word which is required. According to the letters of the words, he can search and the first two or three letters of the words are mentioned on the top of the page of the dictionary. Again, if he wants to understand the pronunciation of the words he has to learn the symbols of the language that are mentioned in the dictionary. In this process anybody can use a dictionary. 

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