A Paragraph about How to Behave with Friends

                             How to Behave with Friends

We are social being so we have many friends. In order to maintain our friendship, we should know how to behave with our friends. Firstly, we have to be sincere about what we say to our friends. Then we should not quarrel with them and we should help our friends in all respects. We can help them with their homework, play with them and listen to them when they talk. We should also be kind and gentle with everyone, even if they annoy us. If our friends have small brothers and sisters, we have to be nice to them and should not argue over silly, pointless things. Next, we should invite our friends to our house and should also visit their houses from time to time. After that, we should stand by our friends in their weal and woe. We should respect our friends’ parents and love their brothers and sisters. Finally, we must be very careful in choosing friends. We should always remember them. Our behavior may guide our friends to the correct path.



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