A Paragraph about Experience of Traveling

                    Traveling Experience to the Native Home


     The name of my native village is Fulbari. It is in the district of  Magura under Muhammadpur Thana. It is not far from thana. For my father’s job we lived in Dhaka.But two months ago , we went to travel to our native home.   It is a big and famous village. It is about two miles and one mile wide. Directly through the village runs the high and long Grang Trang  road. On either sides of the road there are fields and meadows.  Ten thousand people live in the village. The inhabitants of the village are mostly Muslims. A scheduled caste Hindu family also live here. The inhabitants live in the village in peace and amity. They are much helpful and co-operative. They help each other. They share other’s sorrows and sufferings. In fact the conduct of the people of our village is worthy of imitation by others. Life in our villages is generally dull and monotonous. The village people are simple, religious, conservative and mostly ignorant. The villager’s of Bangladesh may be divided into three classes the rich, the middle class and the poor laboring class.  The vast majority of the villagers belong to the poor working class. They are poor peasants, landless laborers   the blacksmiths, the weavers, fishermen and such others. Those who are rich are  lead an idle life. But they are very powerful people in the village. The middle class people are more active. Some of them are landholders. They themselves do not cultivate the land but engage laborers who do the work for them. The business men among the middle class are prosperous. There are some shrewd people in the village who keep up quarrels. The poor laborers are the busiest people in the village. They work from sunrise to sunset and supply the rich with their daily needs. They often suffer from malaria and other diseases and their life is tale of endless sufferings. Our village is famous for various cultural activities like Jatra, Jarigan, the boat race and the bullock race etc. means of communication to and from our village is very developed.. .Our village is very much developed in respect of education. There are a lot of educational institutions. There are a lot of educational institutions in our village. Young learners from nearby villages come to receive their education in different institutions of our village.  I am really surprised to see an  adult education centre has been started to educate the illiterate people. It is heartening to note that the people are going in for rural co-operative societies and modern method of agriculture to improve their lot. Inspire of the above conditions, the village life offers a charm of a corporate life. The natural scenery of the village is very attractive. A small branch of the river  Modomoti and a big canal flow by the village. The fresh breezes blow in the morning and the evening. They cool our tired body and offer us restful time. The sky looks beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Birds sing sweetly trees give cool shade. Boats sail in the rivers rows of coconut trees, betel, nut trees, clumps of bamboo and the fields with green crops increase the beauty of the village. My native village is One of the ideal village of Bangladesh. I think our villages are an abode of peace and happiness. Though I left my native home, the pleasant traveling experience sparkled in my mind.

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