A Paragraph about Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

     Drug addiction means the condition of being unable to stop taking illegal harmful substances that some people smoke or inject. Drugs like heroin, opium, marijuana, morphine, cocaine, phensidyle etc give exciting feelings to those who take these. But frequent taking of these drugs leads a man to certain death. Among the addicted people, the young generation is larger in number.  There are mainly two reasons behind it. First one is young people are more curious. So, whatever they see harmful or useful, they are the first to taste. Again, frustration is another cause of taking drugs. When there is no hope left for the young, they become addicted to drugs. It has become a global problem. Thousands of families in cities, towns and even rural areas all over the world are directly or indirectly affected by it. Drugs have terrible effects on human body. It is a slow   poison that damages the brain and all internal functions of the body leading ultimately to death. Again, drug addiction gives birth to new crimes. Drugs are very expensive. So, young people involve in crimes to get money for taking drugs. In Bangladesh drug problem has become a national problem.


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