A Paragraph about Common Birds of Bangladesh

                   Common Birds of Bangladesh

      Bangladesh is a home of different kinds of birds where different various kinds of birds are found. They differ in size, color, and habit. Again, different kinds of birds are classified into different groups. They are singing birds, talking birds, game birds, tailor birds, migratory birds, domestic birds, wild birds etc. Generally, the birds are divided into two parts – one is seasonal bird and another is common bird. The cow is the most familiar and common bird in Bangladesh. It belongs to the class of teasing birds. It is very ugly to look at. Its voice is harsh too. The Cuckoo, the Doel, the Shayma and The koel are widely known as singing birds. The Cuckoo is noted for its melodious song. It comes at the advent of the spring for which it is called the harbinger of the spring. Doel is our National Bird. Mayna, Shalik, and the Parrot are called talking bird. They can imitate the voice of man when they are trained. The sparrow is another common tiny bird. It annoys us by chirping all the while. It is restless in nature. In summary, the birds play an important role to beautify our country.  


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    In the paragraph ..u wrote cow is the most familiar bird…Change it to crow..6th line from top in middle..

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