A Paragraph about A Carpenter

                A Carpenter

  A skilled worker, who makes, builds or repairs wooden structures or their structural parts, finishes, and repairs wooden objects and structures is called a carpenter.  Generally, the carpenters must have the ability to take a blueprint or plan and turn it into a finished product. This requires the ability to pick good wood and maintain a high skill set working with all wood working tools of the trade. Requirements include the ability to work for longer periods of time, manual dexterity, physical labor and the ability to follow directions. Like any field, carpentry has a variety of areas of expertise. Carpenters can choose any specialty and hone the craft to something they enjoy doing the most. Each specialty is split into categories. Often, it takes several different types of carpenters to finish certain projects. There are different types of carpenters in our society and all are totally different from one another from their activity and technique. Such as; a finish carpenter who works on joints. Finish carpentry is for cabinetry, instrument making, and furniture. Like most carpentry, precision is vital. A cabinetmaker specializes in making detailed dressers, chests, and other furniture used for storing things. A ship’s carpenter who hones his skills on repairing nautical needs; a ship’s carpenter who works on shipbuilding and maintenance; a scenic carpenter who builds things for TV, theatres, films, and other temporary scenery for sets; A framer who builds the framework for buildings; A luthier specializes in repairing stringed instruments or making instruments; a formwork carpenter works with shuttering and false work used in concrete construction; A trim carpenter specializes in molding and trims for mantels and window casings. Green carpentry is a type of carpentry that only uses energy-efficient sources for construction. Each type of carpentry comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As to be expected, certain carpenters will make more than others depending on their skill and talent.


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