A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

                                                 A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing 

        An inexpert person can not do anything perfectly. Rather he brings about danger and destruction. So, it is a fact that, one who learns a little about any art or subject can not be successful in doing any work related with that subject. But in consequence he creates a terrible and horrible situation. It can be understood clearly by the reference from the story “The Magician”. In this story a boy named Hans learnt a little about a magic and tried to apply it. Then he created a terrible situation. He was about to wash away himself and the valuable books and things of the library of a famous magician Frankel who wanted to teach him a lesson that a little learning is a dangerous thing. He hit upon a plan. His plan worked well. At last Hans understood that a little learning is a dangerous thing. Then Frankel saved his life. Similarly, if a driver begins to drive a vehicle without proper training, he will surely cause death and destruction. Therefore, it is clear to us that a little learning is a dangerous thing. We should not start doing anything without being capable to do it without sufficient knowledge.


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  1. Sometimes most of the person can not understand about this matter.

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