A Lion and an Ant

          A Small Creature Saves the Life of a Lion

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day the lion was sleeping in its den. Suddenly a mouse came here. It did not notice the sleeping lion. It was running about and playing happily. By chance it ran over the face of the lion. It awoke the lion and at this the lion grew very angry. At this the lion became angry and started roaring with great anger. The ant got frightened and started trembling. The lion said, “How dare you disturb me that small evil? I will kill you.” The mouse fell in great danger. It begged its life to the lion and also promised to help the lion in future if he needed. Hearing this, the lion laughed at him. He said, “How will a small creature like you help me?” He made fun of the mouse and relieved him. After a few days later a hunter set a trap and the lion was caught in the trap. The lion tried his best to escape from it but failed. He started shouting for getting help. At that time the mouse was also near the jungle. When he heard the voice of the lion it understood that the lion was in danger. It came to the near of the lion and noticed the situation. Observing that, the mouse decided to escape the lion from the danger. It started to cut off the net with its sharp teeth. After some time, the lion was to get out from the trap and thanked the mouse for saving his life. So nobody should neglect anyone treating as a small creature.       


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