A letter to your younger brother advising him to be attentive in the study

Write a letter to your brother advising him to be attentive to his studies.


My dear Jabed, 

Yesterday I reached mother’s letter. Reading the letter I’ve come to know that you are not attentive in your studies. Mother is very worried about your study. Nowadays you often go out and remain outside home even till evening. You know, this is never good for a student. I’ve also come to know that your show lack of interest in study. But if you do not study seriously, you won’t be able to do well in the examination. Your scholarship exam is near at hand. So your lack of interest in study indicates that you are planning to adopt unfair means in the examination. This is extremely destructive and suicidal. If you do it, you will kill your future. You’ll not be able to get scholarship and pursue higher studies. You won’t get any good job either.

So from now be serious about your study and get prepared for the coming scholarship examination.

Your elder brother