A Letter to your Friend Describing How You Spent Summer Vacation

Write a letter to your friend describing how you spent summer vacation.

01 September 2018

Gulshan, Dhaka.

Dear Tisha,

I received your letter a few days back. I am glad to know that you are all well. In your letter you have asked me to tell you how I spent the last summer vacation. Now I am giving you a short description of it.

I spent the vacation doing quite a number of things. I took a short training on computer. Then I went to my village home. I visited the houses of friends, relatives and neighbors. They were very glad to see me and entertained me with seasonal fruits and cakes. I was happy to receive their entertainment. In the afternoon, I walked in the open field and by the side of the river. I arranged a literacy program for the illiterate elderly people of my village. They came to our house almost every day in the evening and I taught them how to read and write.

That is all for today. Convey my regards to your parents and love to all.

With best wishes,

Your loving friend,



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