A letter about spending the winter vacation

Write a letter to your friend asking him to spend the winter vacation.

35 B, Bashabo

Dhaka 1214
Date:26 March ,2016
Dear Joy,

How are you? I’m fine here. How are your studies going on? I got your letter yesterday from your letter I have learned that this year you are going to have long winter vacations. My winter vacation is also for ten

days and this time I’m not going anywhere because my sister got fracture in her left leg! So, in this winter vacation there is no vacation trip planning. Therefore, I want you to come to my home and spend the winter vacations with me, as since three long years we have not met and spent a long time with each other. Everyone in my family is eager to see you after a long time. Together we are going to have a great fun and enjoyment. So please spend this winter vacation with me, we will see every place around here.

No more today, convey my salaam to your parents and good wishes to your younger brother. Meet you soon in this winter vacation.
Yours loving friend,