A Letter of Thanks for Hospitality

A Letter to your friend of Thanks for Hospitality

15 September, 2013

31, Maniknagor, Dhaka 1203

Dearest Tazol,

Many, many thanks for the wonderful week I spent with you. My stay with you was really extremely delightful. Your mother prepared so delicious and special dishes for me. She is an expert in cooking and serving, welcoming, and guests. And your father found time from his so busy schedule to take us on excursions and to cultural programmers in the evenings. I enjoyed every day, every hour, every moment of your rich hospitality.

In fact, I can’t remember ever having enjoyed myself so much and so thoroughly anywhere! It was really very nice of you to invite me to spend a week with you. I deeply appreciate your hospitality and affection of your parents for me. I wish I could return some of it.

Once again many thanks to you. Convey my compliments and best wishes to your beloved parents.

Yours ever,



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