A Letter about your school

Write a letter to your friend informing him/her about your school.

 My dear Sahed,

At first take my heartiest felicitation and sincerely love. I hope you are well by grace of Almighty Allah. Yesterday I received your letter. In the letter, you have wanted to know about my school. Now I am telling about my school.

The name of my school is X. It was established in 1928. It is very famous and traditional. It is situated in …. The school has a large area. It is four-stored building. It has many as 2000 students. It has sufficient classrooms for the students. The class rooms are spacious and well-ventilated. All the classrooms have black and white boards. We have 55 teachers who are very qualified, efficient and experienced in teaching.

They discuss the lessons lively and behave with us friendly. There is a library, a laboratory and a playground in front of the school. We are associated with different co-curricular activities. Because we have lot of clubs such as science club, debating club, nature study club, English club, adventure club, music club, cricket club, chess club, scout team etc. So, we can participate in these activities. The environment is congenial for study. There is no much hue and cry. Use of microphone, hydraulic horn is prohibited around the school premises. The school authority always makes it sure that the learning we receive here is standard. We are instructed in their planned way. So, it is a great privilege, honour and pride for me to be a part of this great family.

Yours ever