A Letter about What you Intend to do after the Final Examination

18 November 2015

35 North Bashabo,

Dhaka 1214

Dear Jahid,

I have just received your letter. In your letter you wanted to know what I intend to do after the final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam. Now I am writing about my plan.

You know that from my childhood I have a great plan to do something for the betterment of my society and nation. So, I have decided that after my final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam I will go to my native village and I will devote myself in social service. Most of the people of our village are deprived of education. So, I have planned to start an evening school for adult people and I will teach them about health, family planning and nutrition. I will also teach them how to cultivate scientifically. Some of my friends also encouraged me and assured their support. I think it will be my best opportunity to fulfill my dream and serve the common people. I need your good wishes for it.

No more today, inform me about your intension after the final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam. Convey my best regard to your parents and love to the younger.


Your loving friend