A Letter about What I will do with the Lottery Money

What I will do with the lottery money.

16 October, 2015

35, North Mugda, Dhaka -1214

Dear Jahid,

Your letter is just to my hand. In your letter you have wanted to know what I will do with the lottery money if I win a lottery. Now I am writing about it.

You know that from my childhood I always keep a nice dream to serve the common people and to do something better for the betterment of the society as well as our nation. If I win a lottery, I hope my dream will come true. I can set up a hospitableĀ  in my native with the money and give free treatment to the villagers. I have another plan to set up an orphanage where the poor, helpless and orphan children can get all the facilities to become good citizen and human beings. Really, my dream will come true if I win a lottery.

No more today, convey my salam to your parents and love to the youngers.

Your loving friend