A Letter about How to Improve in English

Suppose, you are Sabrina. Your younger brother Sabbir is weak in English. Now, write a letter to your younger brother telling him about how to improve in English.

115, Mugdapara, Dhaka

30 October 2018

My Dear Raju

I received your letter two days ago. I am glad to know that you all are well. In the letter, you have wanted to know about how to improve in English.

You know that English is an international language. Nobody can succeed in life without knowing English well. To know English well is the demand of time now. To improve in English, you need to learn more words, their meaning and usage, the basic rules of grammar and sentence patterns. In this regard, you may read different kinds of English books and newspapers. You may hear English news. You may also speak English in your everyday life. I believe that by following all these things, you can improve in English.

No more today, convey my deepest regard to parents and love to the youngers.

Your Sister





115, Bashar Tower, Mugdapara, Dhaka.




39, New Market

Mathbaria, Pirojpur


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